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From the moment I step out my door up until the moment I return home people are trying to get into my pants…well, actually my pants pockets. But still, they’re attached to my pants.  I mean, I guess you can say in my pants, too, because, well, lets face it, it is hard to walk down a New York City block (as a woman) and not get ogled, cat-called and eventually, cursed out for ignoring the umpteenth guy who tried this drive-by pick up technique on you since you crossed the street from your building. But, whatever, I digress.  Where was I?  Oh, yeah, everyone is trying to get into my pockets!    Be it back pocket, front pocket, change pocket in the cute hobo bag that I just bought, but couldn’t really afford (I shouldn’t have been reaching into my own pockets, I guess), what little I make as the assistant to the assistant of the assistant at my non-profit agency is sucked out of my pockets before I even get my microscopic check every two weeks.  I mean, I’ve heard of direct deposit, but these days, it feels more like direct withdrawal.  I’m sure you wondering what I’m talking about, I know, because I’m going on and on about pockets, money and that cute hobo bag, but you don’t where this is coming from, or who I am.  Well, I guess I should start from the beginning.    My name is Arielle R., but most people call me Ari, so I guess you can, too.  This is my blog, because, I guess, I feel like a diary just can’t hack it.  A diary sorta feels like screaming as hard as you can into a pillow.  Yeah, you screamed-sorta-but now you feel a little light headed, slightly suffocated and your lip-gloss is smeared all over your pillow, so now you have to clean it, and that, in-and-of-itself, makes you want to scream, again.  A blog, I feel, is more like an audible scream.  Someone else might hear it, no matter how psycho you sound, and hey, you never know, they might scream along with you.  So, maybe my blog is like a screaming/blogging version of paying it forward.  I don’t know.  I’m writing this blog, as I said, in lieu of a diary, but also to keep myself accountable for making my dreams come true of moving out of the ghetto that has been my home for the last 28 years, while advancing in school and career.  I figure that making my aspirations public, I have to really make them a reality…or else risk looking foolish.  (Thank God, you all can’t actually see me, though!)

— 1 year ago